My Gita Website

My Academic Goals

This year, I hope to do my best in the many classes and activities I am involved in this year and to be able to succeed in my many endeavors this year.

Things I am learning

This year I have been learning many things. Besides the main school curriculum like Chemistry and precalculus, the main thing I have been working on lately is my organization and time management skills. Due to my limited time recently, I have been trying to work on making the most of my time.

GITA Program

This is currently my second year in the GITA program. In GITA 1, I learned how to code in C#. With this language, I was able to create calculators, programs that could record orders, and games. The class really made me think outside of the box to come up with a solution to code a certain part of the program. Currently, we are working on how to code websites and many useful tips to make our websites looking nice and professional. Overall, the I highly recommend the Gita program to anyone willing to learn how to code, and I think it would be a challenging but fun and worthwhile experience.

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